Wonersh and Shamley Green

Church of England Primary School

Guildford Road, Shamley Green, Surrey, GU5 0RT, United Kingdom



Social and Emotional Development


We have a three-tiered graduated approach to supporting social and emotional development here at WSG.  We aim to help children become more emotionally intelligent.


Wave 1 – core learning for all

  • We explicitly teach the nine values of our school which imparts our vision for success
  • A broad, diverse curriculum which promotes our values
  • PSHCE curriculum
  • Specific praise and house point rewards given for showing one of the values
  • Following our Behaviour Code


Most children thrive with our Wave 1 core provision.  Sometimes this isn’t enough for a child and they need support in a smaller group focusing on specific skills


Wave 2 – focused support

  • Thrive interventions for individuals and groups
  • ELSA support sessions for individuals

Our Thrive and ELSA Policy explains more about how are children are supported

Wave 3 – External support

  • Trained Counselor sessions
  • STIPs involvement
  • Surrey Children’s Services

We are a 'Thrive School' and use the Thrive approach to assess and support every child's emotional and social development.  Please click here to find out more about Thrive.